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Sunset at Stonehenge

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A Contemporary Shamanic Practice
For a More Abundant and Fulfilled Life

“Sleep now. Morning is wiser than evening.”
From a Russian folktale

Have you ever said, “I’ll sleep on it,” when struggling with some seemingly intractable problem? Have you ever woken in the night or awoken in the morning knowing the solution to a puzzling dilemma?

When we can turn away from a problem and relax, a part of our mind is able to find solutions which our conscious mind seems unable to uncover.

Soulfulness offers a way of relaxing to a drum beat and allowing the imagination to focus upon an issue which we are struggling with. This is an inner journey into the world of the imagination. It is based on an ancient technique practised by the shaman of old, called a ‘shamanic journey’.

As a shamanic guide, I can teach you how to journey. I can help you to relax and to make a shamanic journey. We can look together at the issues which you face in your life and use inner shamanic journeying to explore them.

We can talk together about your life as you live it now and the dreams you may have for a more abundant life, with more joy, love, and fulfilment. Shamanic journeying can help you to build self-worth and self-esteem. It can help you to discover who you may be and what you may become.

Perhaps you have some deep seated issues in your life which you need to explore. As a psychotherapist as well as a shamanic guide, I can help you explore these issues using a form of shamanic journey called ‘soul retrieval’. This is described on the ‘Soul Retrieval’ page.

Sometimes, when issues endure through several generations, we need to see the wider context of our life, employing the shamanic journey to work with our ancestors.

Shamanic journeying offers you the joy of expanding and exploring the riches of imagination.