Soul Retrieval

Ness of Brodgar, Orkney

Excavation at the Ness of Brodgar, Orkney

I thought I had a fairly normal childhood.

It was only when I began to think about how I was as an adult, and so began exploring my early years, that I started to understand how hurtful my ‘normal childhood’ had been.

As children we are sensitive beings. Our parents’ thoughtlessness can be experienced as deeply hurtful and can affect us for the rest of our lives.

As children, we narrow ourselves down – narrow our souls, our sense of whom we truly are – by hiding away parts of ourselves in an unopened drawer, so as to fit with how our parents would like us to be. In this hidden drawer we keep secrets which we hide from ourselves :

The feeling of unbearable hurt of not being accepted as who we truly are.

The creativity and vitality which did not receive the honour and encouragement which was due.

The secrets which we hide from ourselves we keep hidden into adulthood, and they remain lost to our conscious selves. In shamanism this is called ‘soul loss’, the loss of a fragment of our soul energy, hidden away in an unopened drawer.

When we find, retrieve and restore our lost soul energy, we become more whole, we expand our souls, we are better able to live more abundant and fulfilled lives.

My work as a shamanic guide is to help you find, retrieve and restore your lost soul energy and  to enhance your experience of living. The practice is called ‘Soul Retrieval’.

The contemporary use of the ancient shamanic healing technique of ‘Soul Retrieval’ is an important part of my ‘Soulfulness’ practice.